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Fresnel Technologies, Inc., founded in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of molded plastics Fresnel lenses and related optical components. We offer molding services from low to very high volume-a few pieces to millions. Our specially developed optical materials are suitable for applications from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Specialties within these areas include Fresnel lens arrays for passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing, diffusers and microlens arrays for illumination, and plastics Fresnel lenses for use in environmental monitoring near 3.4 micrometers. We offer design assistance for your applications, as well as tooling and production services to meet your requirements for high-quality molded plastics optical components. We invite you to visit the rest of our website and to contact us with your requirements.

Fresnel Technologies now has state-of-the-art optical surface generation facilities. We offer prototype plastic optics; tooling and production of your custom molded plastic optics; prototype to production optics in diamond-machinable infrared optical materials such as germanium, silicon, and zinc sulfide; and prototype to production diamond machined mirrors and other reflective optics. Please see the announcement (316K PDF) or the tooling page of this site.

Fresnel Technologies has recently developed low-cost polymer (plastics) thermal imaging lenses. Please see the announcement for more information.

Construction of a Fresnel lens from the corresponding asphere

Construction of a Fresnel lens from its corresponding continuous asphere. Each groove of the Fresnel lens is a small piece of the aspheric surface, translated toward the plano side of the lens. The tilt of each surface must be modified slightly from that of the original portion of aspheric surface, in order to compensate for the translation.